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Catalog of PayPal Commissioners


You must submit a Commission Information Sheet or Journal* for approval before submitting commissioned works


We do not accept

:bulletred: Art Trades
:bulletred: Prizes
:bulletred: Gifts
:bulletred: Requests
:bulletred: Commission Examples (Other than your Commission Information Sheet)
:bulletred: Adoptables

Also, please read the Guidelines to the left of the page. Thank you. :aww:

*To submit a Journal, put "by:YOURUSERNAME" in the search bar when you are choosing deviations to submit. Everything from you, including journals, will show up for you to choose from.
**If you have changed your username, PLEASE tell us to avoid being denied.


Random from Favourites

SEVENFAWM is in need of commissions, help her parents adopt a child and pay medical expenses.

If you are a Deviant In Need (needing commissions for food, bills, textbooks, school, and other vitals), note the group with your situation. We change features every week, and would be more than happy to feature you and explain your need to possible commissioners.

The February artist feature is finally up 

20 deviants said Yay! I wanna go see lovely art :squee:
5 deviants said I'll comment for chance to be entered next time :shoutbox:
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1 deviant said I've been looking for someone to commission :sherlock:
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I'd just like to remind everyone that this group also has a Tumblr, on which we reblog and share work from artists who take commissions.

Job Offers


None Currently. If you are searching for an artist, send us a note! We'll feature your request.

Deviants In Immediate Need

Commission Info

"I'm currently living with my boyfriend's parents rent-free on a limited time basis while I'm in college and while I'm trying to find a job. However, I still have to pay for my food, toiletries, clothes, and anything else I need to support myself. I'm thankful for the roof over my head, but without a job I can't afford the basics."

Commission Info

"I'm doing commissions to pay bills, help my family and help me to finish my car license."

Commission Info

"I am disabled and my only income is disability assistance, which is $692/month. My husband is a waiter and what he makes covers what my assistance does not. It is barely enough to cover anything other than the bills. Our food stamps were cut significantly due to budget cuts. We receive $15/month for food.

My jewelry making is my therapy as well as a source of income. Last year I made just $88/month. I need supplies so that I may continue my therapy and make a little income. Currently I am running low on supplies. Very low.

I need to purchase supplies, take my two cats (they are service animals/therapy) to the vet for their annual shots and examinations, as well as get a tooth of mine repaired because the filling fell out (I'm on the sliding scale so it's just $55, but I don't have $55 to spend)."

Commission Info

"I don't have a job for a year. I couldn't have regular daily job because it will really wore me out. I've lost a few kilos and my hair is already falling out. I have sickness and I need medicine for maintenance. We can't have a child due to my condition. I also want to help my husband who is currently working in a company canteen. His salary is not enough for living. But my husband is a very kind man. He didn't left me, knowing my condition. I also want to have our cats to be checked by a veterinarian specially our cat Mimi who has fever and can't eat and drink for days. She has kittens and we don't want to let them die because we don't have money. We love our cats just like our own children."

Commission Info

"So, I recently posted a journal stating I needed emergency commissions for my cat's sake. I need to raise $1000 - $1200 to pay his bills (the difference in price varies depending on how long he'll be in hospital for)"


Hello everyone!
So lately we've had some members try to submit works after changing their name and being denied because they were not in our database.

To prevent this from happening, we MUST be notified if you have changed your name and are a member of this group if you wish to be able to submit.

In order to notify us, simply send us a note before submitting your work and we will update the database as soon as possible. Afterwards, we will accept your work as long as your Commission Information Sheet has also been submitted.

Anyone who does not wish to comply with this rule and continues to submit after changing their name without notifying us runs the risk of being expelled from the group.


We Need Contributors!


We need Contributors and Co-Founders! If we don't get some extra help soon, we'll have to reduce deviation submissions to 2, or even 1, a week just to keep up with them! So please, if you have spare time, do not hesitate to note the group! We could really use the help! And, as an added bonus, Contributors have a weekly submission limit of 10 Deviations!

But please do not note us if you are:

:bulletblue: Unwilling to catalog deviants
:bulletblue: Unable to check messages at least twice a week
:bulletblue: Unable/willing to take extra time with deviation submissions to double-check viability

We also need Co-Founders to help with:

:bulletblue: Front Page Favorites Features (Deviants In Need)
:bulletblue: Monthly Articles
:bulletblue: Group Tumblr Account Upkeep

Do you need commissions for school expenses, rent, bills, or any other vitals? Note the group with your situation; we'll be happy to give you a front-page feature whenever possible!

We can also feature you on this site! Just contact us and we will reblog your work!

Group Tumblr (Feel free to submit to the blog!):

You can donate Points in exchange for a feature on our blog!

The Values
25 pt. - 1 Week Feature
50 pt. - 2 Week Feature
75 pt. - 3 Week Feature
100 pt. - 1 Month Feature

To donate points, simply visit AnimeVSReality's profile and donate to the pool there, either anonymously or not. You may also optionally, after donating, note either the group or AnimeVSReality with up to 3 works you would like featured in your slot. Should we not receive the note from you, we'll just go through your newer works and choose a few. :) To avoid extensive loading time, there will only be 10 feature slots at any given time. Should there be space restrictions when you donate, you will be added to the blog as soon as another feature expires, with no subtraction from your own length of featured time.  

Slots Remaining: 4


yoooo by laurammaKain by laurammasketch request 7 - EXTRA by lauramma

Donate :points: to Get a Slot!
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